Eye color is determined by our character and reveals personality traits-Discover what your eye color says about you!

That eyes are the mirror of the soul, it is well known. How much you notice common characteristics of people who have the same eye color? Do you all see the same world around us? Find out what your eye color say about you.

Blue eyes
These are peaceful and calm people, can sometimes act very cold. It is true that at times they found themselves on the surprise by their own lack of empathy. People with blue eyes are more stable and exude confidence. It is rare in this type can grasp thoughts and feelings. Whatever remains to survive on a personal level. I prefer to go and withdraw rather than something someone blame. Are prone to excessive alcohol consumption.

gray eyes
People with gray eyes are very rational and difficult to emotionally there’s a vacancy. Not by chance does not allow others to penetrate the emotional closeness. Privacy is closely guarded, a material interest enters into the plan. Business and stick to the agreement. This is a responsible person, or sympathy and compassion does not exist as a term in their vocabulary.

Green eyes
These people are relentless investigative spirit. There is no facility that would not wake up interest in their world of imagination, and intrigue. To them life is a game and experiment. Talented as artistic abilities. Always determined to get what they want. At the fight which they have a privilege for perfect perception. However, they are able to wade through in order to achieve other objectives. Men who have green eyes were unsteady, but with them is never boring.

Eyes the color of honey
It is easy to connect with people. Do not allow others to see their anger and try to keep all the negativity to yourself. Enjoying the company and are always happier when they are with friends. The color of the eye is about the enigmatic nature. However, these people are not poveravajte too.

Brown eyes
People with brown eyes are very wise, but do not show much compassion for others. Are direct and honest, at the price that it is not always tactful. They do not care how others will receive their openness. Uncertainties still being masked by having brave and bold appearance. They are characterized by clarity of mind.

Black eyes
This is rare, so the people who have black eyes very special. They are generally dominant and its objectives very subtly achieved. These people love life and have energetic. They are very cheerful nature and their society is desirable in all circles.