FATAL ATTRACTION ASTRO: Who’ll go crazy – literally and in bed Dan Gallagher and Alex Forest – the zodiacal way!

Remember the cult movie “Fatal Attraction”? Remember how Michael Douglas has gone crazy for Glenn Close and engaged in a flirtation with her? Then you surely remember how she is crazy about him, literally, and is resolved to pursue him and his family.

If you do not want to experience anything like that, but no less severe than that, here we are.
If, however, you want to feel the fatal connection – again, here we are!

There are some combinations of astrological signs which astrologers say that the example of great passions and emotions, for example a bond that can not be avoided.

When the gentle BIK opened before Scorpio and sees and her passion for life, there is a great desire. When it comes to relationships, I can not get enough of each other, but conflicts are often inevitable. Bika murder her pace, while Scorpio disturb his passivity. If the passion of bedrooms directed to socializing with friends, things can be improved.

Already at the first meeting of Aries and Libra there are sparks. Energy and sexuality Aries and subtle charm and sophistication Scales create a great chemistry. Connection to both sign a major challenge, which is hard to resist. Problems in the relationship can arise when proper behavior and life according to the rules of scales begin to annoy Aries. Libra will be on the other side to strengthen the efforts to “make yourself” your partner. In order to be successful, it is necessary that these two characters opposing its nature merge in joint activities.

The attraction between twins and shooters not only physical, but also reflects on the mental level. Curious Gemini and Sagittarius adore philosopher talking to each other. Twins can still annoy the shooter’s stance that he knows all the best, while Pisces partner may blame occasional nonchalance and tendency to gossip. The solution lies in joint journeys.

Sensitivity of Cancer and Capricorn forces represent a real date. Passion can ruin the feeling of Cancer to Capricorn occasionally ignored, while Capricorn can be unattractive dependence on the other. They need to be constantly reminded that they are not only partners, but also lovers.

The king of his universe, LAV, can resist free of Aquarius, which only recognizes their authority. The rebellious spirit inspires Leo, and Aquarius is the most attractive Lions charisma. Too Lava need for care and Vodolijino all opposition to the social conventions can lead to problems. Spas of the problems have to look in the bed, away from the others.

Virgo likes red, fish refuse routine and it is enough that opposites attract. Relationship both seen as a way to reverse the life of the other, the Virgin as an opportunity to learn the organization of the fish, a fish as a chance to show how the Virgin to relax. Fish can be unreliable at one time to get bored of the Virgin, a desire to control Device to be an obstacle for the opposite side. Willingness to compromise is the lifeline for the connection.