Feng Shui: 6 rules that will give you prosperity and happiness-Listen to the advice of the ancient Chinese tradition!

Listen to the advice of the ancient Chinese traditions to foster happiness, wealth, love and family harmony.

How can I manage with what you have – Feng shui is supposed to be fun, do not be dogmatic as to its application. For example, if you can not activate your direction by using the wealth of the aquarium in the living room, set the figure of a frog, three-legged frogs or coins to the north. The frog may be a bearer of good news and resources.

The position of the door – has a huge impact on the entire home and can bring you happiness, if in the midst favorable direction. If the door is set in a direction which is unfortunate for you, try to compensate by adding them to paint so that it literally feet from the wall.

Happiness in the dining room – Big mirror in the dining room suggests wealth. It is good that the whole family visit while eating lunch. Just make sure that it is not reflected doors, stairs or kitchen.

Appropriate painted walls – bring special good fortune – if you care about the upswing in his career north wall paint very blue. If the fame and recognition of what you want, the south wall of the living room or dining paint bright red.

Activate Feng Shui for luck in love – Highlight the southwest corner of your home, use a white, red or yellow light. In the southwestern corner of the set pair of mandarin ducks, which are known to have been loyal for life.

Happiness is related to health – is activated so that should showcase one of the three symbols of longevity in the form of pictures on the walls: bamboo, peach or pine.