Feng Shui advises relieve home-negative energy and positive vibrations new elan

According to feng shui philosophy, clean living space and removing old or damaged items implies ceding space to the new vibration and positive enthusiasm.

Strive that your home is always clean, because it is very important for the flow of positive influence. In your most important room is the kitchen, which means well-being, satisfaction and happiness. Make sure that the part is flawless.

You must be aware of the energy that exists in your home. In case you are not satisfied with the events taking place in your life, you can begin to create or bring positive energy into your home.

If you want to improve relationships with your spouse, family members, relatives, friends and colleagues at work, do this simple task. Take sea salt and sprinkle around the interior of a home. Let the sea stand overnight, and the next day pick up and throw.

If you are among those seeking a new job, just select the 27 objects that do not use at all and give them or sell them. This brings to your home and your life a positive new things.

Oranges lead a positive life energy. Fill a bowl with 9 oranges and place them in your kitchen or kitchenette, dining table – to attract positive life energy.

To increase your luck and the ability to find true love, you should try to absorb more of Western power. Watch the sunset at least three times a week. Fill your heart with hope and mind with positive energy.

Buy a new, preferably red wallet to attract positive vibrations. In it, particularly in the compartment in which the holding banknotes, put ginger, as an incentive to attract new sources of income.

Fill a bowl with sugar to the top, it has an impact on your well-being.
Fill your room with good sound. Play your favorite music and turn up tons at maximum, because it is believed that a strong sound frightens evil influences.