Feng Shui: Colors govern our lives, colors promote your prosperity, love and health

Besides the layout, colors promote your prosperity, love and health. The goal of feng shui is to bring harmony in the home and well-being. If one-third of Chinese live by his rules, we can and we have to deal with that color suit our area. The five elements (wood, fire, metal, earth and water) occupy an important place in the theory of feng shui, and they are the forces that affect the quality of life.

In the northern corner to be dominated by the color of the water and metal. This will inspire you to increase your financial possibilities and expect progress in his career. Here it would be wise to avoid green and yellow.
For bathroom and kitchen in the northern part of the use earthen shades, but not too strong.
The living room would be the ideal testing ground for blue shades. It also affects the reduction of appetite, and those who want to carry a child, it is recommended to consume food from blue bowl. However, too much blue tones can lead to depression and fatigue.

If you are in a profession that requires popularity, then the southern corner of the utmost importance to you. Undesirable colors are blue and black. Red is the right choice.

The green color is recommended in a peaceful place for vacation, but not an alternative indoors.
The blue color will be used to create a mysterious ambience. Also, it helps in meditation.
Red – danger and joy. This fight will avoid the area where the corridors and waiting rooms, but will be applied in areas which crave the warmth and energy.
The yellow color is ideal for stimulating mental work and a good mood, or side effects manifested in small enclosed spaces and bedrooms.
Belu we use to emphasize cleanliness and presentation of honesty. We will avoid the indoor and working spaces because losing productivity.
Black color awakens a desire for discovery. Can be used for highlighting the independence and expressing power. It should be avoided in children’s rooms and public spaces for learning.

Certainly this is a general approach, but it is very important to have some knowledge of where that color should dominate.

The living room in this corner will be an ideal place for a combination of red tones and it will bring joy, excitement and a strong sexual desire. Since stimulates appetite, this color is often used in restaurants. Too much red can still lead to impatience and nervousness. It is better to use it for details, but it is used for larger areas.

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