Feng Shui diet – how to get rid of excess weight fast? – Feng Shui methods for better and more successful life …..

The way you prepare and consume food, also has a connection to the Feng Shui methods for better and more successful life. Here are tips on how to eat healthily and rapidly release excess weight.

The room in which you spend the most time is the one that is located opposite the entrance door. If the kitchen or dining room located in that area, it is likely that you spend a lot of your time.

In this case, consciously refrain from bad habits that needlessly consume food by your meals.

It is important to keep the kitchen clean. This implies that all unnecessary, old or damaged containers and throw things. Feng shui can not support you forget the food which is overdue and remove them.

Try to avoid eating in the same room in which you are preparing food. Ogloedala are desirable in a room where you eat, and the scientific basis has proven to be looking at her reflection in a mirror while eating, reduced appetite.

According to Feng Shui, the round shapes represent continuity, while the square symbol of restraint. It is therefore recommended that you use square plates and other dishes.