Feng Shui: Discover which are 3 very important details to secure the happiness and well-being

Feng shui in Chinese means wind and water, and with shapes, colors and certain figures can make a balance and meet this energy.

smiling Buddha

According to Chinese belief, the Buddha represents the mentors and the help of others, and are believed to protect the home from negative influences. Put it so that it faces the entrance, on the table in the room where most are staying. Often it pat, say that grants wishes.

three coins
As symbols of material abundance and prosperity, three Chinese coins tied with a red ribbon, you can keep in your wallet, below the phone or attach them to a folder. Pennies work best placed in the upper left corner of the room.

Three-legged toad with a coin
As a symbol of abundance, is set to face the inside, not the door or windows. You should always stand alone and the area around it should not be cluttered other figures. The most effective is to keep it in your lucky corner.