Feng Shui: The atmosphere is full of love for a romantic dinner-Feng Shui helps to invoke positive energy of love!

Feng Shui helps to invoke positive energy and love perfect atmosphere contributes to bringing love into your home.

After you have created a romantic menu, make sure you edit and dining table and in accordance with the most romantic ideas of feng shui experts.

Ideal table for a romantic dinner is round or square with a maximum of two chairs. More chairs can work as you expect more guests, rather than the atmosphere only for two. If you have a large table, move some chairs and two placed at the end of the table so that they are next to each other. Large tables are not suitable for a romantic dinner for two, if possible, avoid them or decorate so that they are empty and desolate.

Cozy and intimate space that exudes love is the right place where you serve a romantic dinner. Also, make sure that your guest is not looking in the direction of the kitchen or maybe dirty dishes. Lighting should be mild and pleasant to the eye.

Decorate a dining table in red, because it is a symbol of love and romance. Red is also the fire element in feng Sui, and is ideal for lovers of the fight. Choose a decoration for the dining room in pairs. For example, the vase with two red color or two red crystal of the heart as a decoration for the ceremonial table.

Do not forget the candles. Choose a beautiful red candles that will enhance the romantic atmosphere. Wear something red. It can be little things, such as earrings in red.

If in the middle of your table are roses, be sure to remove the thorns. Thorns symbolize the difficult relationship so that their removal will get a nice relationship without major problems. Another option for floral arrangements on the table are peonies that would otherwise apply to the “flower of love”. If you like tulips, they will be the best choice. Choose the color of the flowers is depending on what you expect from the relationship. Red symbolizes marriage, pink and apricot – young love, yellow – true friendship, white – purity in the relationship.

According to feng shui rules “you are what you see.” So from the dining room to be to move everything presents one person, lonely. Hang pictures of happy couples in love, and the gifts of your former love tend to not be in a visible place.

Be sure to open the window before dinner to the old air out and got new fresh chi energy that will bring more love relationships and romance.