Feng Shui: The figures that bring happiness – money frog lures, a elephant? Discover which of them can bring success in a particular field?

In all spheres of life, there are figurines that you can find everywhere and set them in their home. How to decorate your interior and act nice, both in Feng Shui and those rules and how they can affect your quality of life. Discover which of them can bring success in certain fields


According to Japanese beliefs, symbol turtles contributes to longevity. Its four legs are actually four corners of the world. Some nations are crumbling shell of the turtle, and wore it in the form of powder in medallions to be protected in fights with opponents.


This is a typical symbol of conjuring money. The symbol of the wealth and success. There are a variety of colors, so you can easily fit in with your home décor. It is believed that, at least once a day is supposed to rub his back. It should be placed near the door, his head turned to the opposite.


Since symbolize love, ducks should always be kept in pairs. It is desirable to locate them in the right diagonal angle of the entrance to the room, because there is love corner. Otherwise, it, however, try to hold things paired.


It is believed that the fish is a symbol of good governance and ‘swimming’ in the waters of life. The belief is that it brings success in his career, but try to keep one of these figurine hold in your workspace or desk.


This is one of the key figures Feng Shui-a. Bring happiness in all fields. It represents power, success and happiness. Barren recommend this figurine in the bedroom.