Feng Shui: These rules will help improve the everyday-You feel inhibited and anxious?

Do you happen to feel how energy is stuck? You feel inhibited and anxious? Try it in a few moves to change this situation.

1. Set the input

The entrance is like a book cover. He leaves a first impression on the environment. This is where we summon luck and open doors to new opportunities and prosperity. Add your input shade of red that positive forces of the universe welcoming.

2. Slobodan mess
Although it is called creative mess is just a mess. Whether it is in the visual field or not, its power is destructive. We should not delay the process of arranging, a motive so be breathing clean air. When you eliminate the negative rays, unlock the enormous energy potential.

3. Open space
Characteristic of empty space is a disadvantage. However, the open space is a symbol of something higher. This is a place for new energy and its flow, and to us to provide it. He thus becomes a reservoir of new features.

4 things on the floor
Things placed under his feet and dragged our attention with it. Energy goes where and about, but we do not want to end up on the floor. Giving creates a sense of belonging to the same position we put ourselves.

5. Open Windows
Wind is a natural battery. He is responsible to bring to our home and hope novelty. By opening the window, we, in fact, we clean stagnant negative energy and empty space for a new, fresh.

6. If something nice to each prostror
Beauty raises elan. Our eyes are lurking every flash of her spirituality and contribute to our being. Looking at the beauty we can not have negative thoughts. Let every room has a beautiful yourself, a favorite subject.