Feng Shui: What will the flying stars this year?

According to feng Sui space – regardless of whether it is a room, a house, apartment or companies – is divided into nine sectors, each of which manages a particular segment of life such as health, family, career. It is important that each of them runs good energy “chi”, because it is a prerequisite for happiness, health and prosperity of people staying there.

Every year changes the energy in a particular area. For this they charge so-called flying stars, which move from one sector to another or Bagva. Some of which carry a positive energy, as stars 1, 4, 6, 8, 9, and bad as it is the case with 2, 3; 7.

The most dangerous is the star red five, known as the Grand Duke Jupiter, three murders. When the star of good land in a specific sector that boosts his energy and brings success. However, when the sector is bad fly the stars and masters it next year, announcing an accident and failure in this area. To avoid this, set certain feng shui remedies.

Prevent bad impact
Your first task is to defend an area of ​​influence of negative star, because they carry bad energy and bad luck.

Yellow fives in the west
This is one of the most dangerous flying star, because it can lead to loss of money, cancellation in the workplace or serious illness. The most effective way to defend yourself from these stars is that it is not disturbed, but that would mean that you spend less time in the sector, that it does not hold the TV does not play music, not make noise while opening doors or windows. Not advisable to not renovate the rooms that are located in the west or whose front door on that side of the world.

To reduce the bad influence of yellow stars, in the western sector can set several feng shui remedies. Here, it should keep the bowl water mixed with the salt (is changed once a month), together with six others of coins related Chinese red stripe, and then the brass dragon metal bells of the six tubes or Vu Lu figurine. Recommended various metal forms a rounded shape. Bring in this sector, white, silver, gold, copper, black and dark blue color using carpets, draperies, tablecloths and pillowcases.