FETISH sign: Virgo prefer binding Rams excite smells, but this sign is the absolute king PERVERZIJE

Do you like binding or sex in public? What sign loves making love in the water, and where the erogenous zones door? Sexual things are different, but can be identified by the astrological signs.

Rams generally have a strong need for adrenaline. They enjoy sex in the morning, a huge fetish them when their partner during lovemaking withdraw dryer. The smell of lavender and musk oxen.

If you want to customize passionately surprise for your partner born under this sign, focus on its main erogenous zone – the door! If you are imaginative enough, ukombinujte and chocolate in foreplay because the bulls love …

Born under this sign are well known as “perverts” and absolutely crazy about various sexual aids and toys, so relax and rasplamasajte passion boards!

Surprise your bull and take him to a hotel room where you give him a night to remember!

Lions really like when someone encourages their self-confidence. Also, do not hesitate to bite, dirty stories and oral sex.

Although the nature of this person rather closed, in the bedroom (or any other) room is transformed into a wild beast and worshiped binding!

The main fetish scales converting and wear costumes, and the erogenous zones of the foot.

Have you seen the movie “Eyes Wide Shut”? This adaptation of the brand in the “mood” scorpion, because the members of this sign crazy mysticism and masks.

Shooters are always eager for adventure, and will accept without thinking about sex in a public place. Moreover, the idea will be delighted! Monotony and horror classics.

Born under this sign, they love water, so for them the holidays at sea a real source of creativity and fun. As a replacement may also serve shower, bath tub or swimming pool.

Aquarians are the kings of fetish! Will be happy to try group sex or go to the party swinging. They love sex toys.

Big fans of voyeurism and “foot fetish”. They love long foreplay and fast-paced action. Also, I can not imagine making love without good music!