Fifty Shades of Mars-the planet loses strength when it is in the last stages!

The planet is losing its strength when it is in the last stages, however, applies to the contrary, the first degrees of a sign, the planet can act infantile and unrecognized, and even if it is in opposition or square masculine planet or natural malefic, further driven by unrecognized because then my strength is spent impractical and not very socially desirable manner.

That happens when Mars was at the early stages of Aquarius, Libra or Gemini, therefore air signs, which further spread the Martian fire, make it impossible to Mars than the limit at any cost must enter into verbal or physical conflict, regardless of the consequences.

Usually the conflict is unnecessary, excessive and depending on the house in which Mars may be going on in front of others, or to hide from others. This Mars in 1, 4, 7 and 10 of the field, giving open conflicts seeking attention and drama, this Mars loves the audience and any kind of conflict in public.

Closed Mars, mostly in the 12th house on the other side refrain from any reaction, but may have some physical symptoms depending on the position of Mars. The most common indicators malefičnog Marsa are 12, 1 and 2 houses, challenging aspects to him, Mars in air signs, and the sign of its fall, that is, in the air, and often contact with Uranus can give a narrowing of consciousness and tries to affect.

Malefičnog Mars probably best kept in touch with Mercury, because then the anger can be expressed by means of sarcasm, of course, can also through strife, or that person is definitely the easiest way to channel this energy through writing or log say.