FIND OUT THAT WORD DESCRIBES YOUR ZODIAC SIGN: Aries is agresivac, Lion Heart, a Scorpio …

Based on the statistical data we have analyzed in detail each character individually. These are the key words for each of them.

RAM – agresivac

Great loves. EXTREMELY adorable! Ceni family relationships. Aries is known for his generosity and giving. He’s loud and there is always the need to be right. I will defend my beliefs for hours and hours. He is one of the hottest people in the world.

BIK – Tramp

He likes to be in long relationships. Aggressive in certain moments and fights for what he wants. Sometimes it can be tedious, but for love and attention. He helps others in difficult moments. Good is good and loves the people. He’s stubborn. It may be selfish, if he wants something – and as long as it gets. They’re lazy and like to sleep long. These are the most attractive people in the world.

Gemini – Gemini

Great listener, better negotiator and speaker. Very good at confusing others. Get things and forgets. He likes to talk to others what they should do, and he was very abusive. Do not suffer him to a “full head”. He can be very sarcastic, and sometimes childish curiosity. Pričalica acting always happy. He has an irresistible smile.

RAK – Humanity

Rakova love is unique. He loves the most amazing. This is the most caring person you will ever meet in your life. Charm is a great creative or crazy (with due respect). His emotion is pure and spontaneous. Cheery nature and a lot is left to the imagination. Is related to the family, especially the mother.

LAV – Heart

Atraktvan and passionate, a great orator. His moods ranging from large fortune to complete lethargy. The problem tends to be everyone’s. Most Leos are very predictable but can become monotonous. It’s beautiful to love. Most charming in the world.

VIRGO – Ideal balance

Dominating in relationships. Always wants the last word her. She speaks with ease and is intelligent. He thinks he knows everything. Respect others or, if thwarted, quickly loses this respect and you’ll never recovered. She neither forgiven nor forgotten.

SCALE – Beauty

Libra would like everyone to please and cater to all. Her love is specific. Do not cause disorder and chaos in her life because she does not like, but it can create in your much bigger than you could imagine.

SCORPIO – Zao servant

Extremely irresistible and magnetically attractive. Good sense of humor. It is entirely predictable. Born under this sign are good people who always get what they want. He loves the smell of money and is excellent in spending. The best and loyal friend.

SCORER – Promiscuity

He loves to give and give. Do not hold it place. Lonely most of the time. It’s easy to lose it. It can be consumed by long bad mood. When elects not to show it because it is considered a weakness. Also, there are a lot of fears. It is often childish. It’s amazing in bed!

CAPRICORN – Business

Intelligent. Sometimes grumpy but others can be boring. He likes to win and when you lose, it’s a very personal experience. She loves to cook, but business comes first on the list of priorities. Loyal to his family and a great support to their loved ones.

AQUARIUS – Everything is in the air, but the original

They’ll get every project and it will try. It is particularly attracted to new things. She is proud of herself in everything she does. Messy and disorganized. It can be very annoying when trying something to tell or explain. He loves animals almost more than the family.

FISH – dreams, memories, predictions

Very interesting. They are the perfect lover, but fluid and unstable. Whichever half the support they need in a partner. They are not capable of self-reliance. They try to do the right thing, but usually draw “short end”. Others know how to act very strange. They’re easily hurt.