Find out what brings Aspects Mercury and Venus: Bulls to come to terms with the former, and Fish …

The planet of communications, Mercury, so she approached Venus in Leo that her educated conjunction, aspect that enhances the effects of both planets. At the same time, both planet long ago formed a harmonious aspect with Saturn, the symbol of a past tense with Neptune and Pluto, a symbol of delusion, deceit and domination. Because of these discordant, falling masks and many will show their true face …

And the greater the chance to go on a short trip, with emotional or business partner. Intensify contacts with strangers, and so are the chances of winnings in games of chance. Since both planets in Leo, the sign of creativity and sports, luck smiles athletes and artists, primarily due trine to Saturn, which puts the spotlight on those who would crown his career considerable achievements and trophies.

This aspect affects all the characters, especially the bulls, Libra, Aquarius, Gemini and Virgin during July and August 2016.

The conjunction of Mercury and Venus in your fifth astrological field contributes to your popularity, especially with the opposite sex. You can increase revenue through cooperation with foreigners.

Compound your ruler Venus and Mercury in your astrological fourth house suggests a possibility of renewing ties with former partner. Chance inflow of money through real estate.

Venus and your ruler Mercury in the third astrological field bringing new encounters and friendships, especially with people who are studying, working in the media or with strangers.

The compound of Venus and Mercury in your second astrological house hints at the possibility of entering into a romance with a colleague. The greater the chances of contracting a profitable business, if you work with foreigners.

Planeta youth near Venus in your sign makes you popular and popular with the opposite sex. Chance encounter with an old crush. If you are an artist, athlete or work in the media, you will be successful.

Your ruler Mercury in conjunction with Venus in the astrological field of privacy and a secret warning that emotional life away from the public eye. You can expect a continuation of cooperation or new project with strangers.

Merkur with your ruler Venus in the astrological house of social life brings you new encounters and sympathy. A person who cooperates with strangers, can provide financial support.

Travel and cooperation with aliens can have quite an impact on your emotional life, so you can restore the connection to the old sympathy. One fish can offer additional or part-time job.

Compound ruler of your field of love and Venus in the ninth astrological field brings the possibility of establishing cooperation with strangers. On a business trip, you can get to know a very attractive and charismatic person.

Venus and Mercury in your astrological house of money and passion, bring an encounter with a very charismatic person. If you work in the media or marketers, the greater the chance for cooperation with foreigners from countries of the French speaking countries.

The conjunction of Mercury and Venus in your astrological field of love, you can make a meeting with the youthful but busy person in a public meeting. Possible renewal or extension of cooperation with strangers.

Mercury, symbol of flirting with the planet of love in the sixth astrological house, suggests the possibility of a secret affair with a colleague. You will be successful if you do some creative interest.