FIND OUT WHAT OTHER REALLY THINK ABOUT YOU: Lions are egocentric, Capricorn slave drivers

Do yourself, your characteristics, you know when it suits you, but a lot of the stars affect the impression you leave on other people.

You have so many great ideas, however, and energy while everyone else asleep and think they expect you to be just a sentence. But other people sometimes have ideas would be very good if you periodically showed patience and listened to them, and perhaps even honored. What do you say?

You are too stubborn. You need to talk to at all be able to communicate with others. Needless expect others to read your mind. Simply, you need to talk more, and open to people. The silent sulks and unspoken expectations will not lead very far, only complicate the life of the people who love you.

If you already give a promise, you should at least and to take hold. You are great people and fun and everyone loves to be near you, but sometimes really hurt people a sense that they are the last on the list, all because they want to be good with everyone and you do not know how to organize.

People care about you, or you do not fully understand and accept, but all relentlessly questioning. If you still looking for the bad in something, of course you’ll also find, as others have about as you walk by the eggshell. Relax a little.

We know you’ll find this may sound shocking, but the world does not revolve around you. People sometimes do something because they own so wanted, not just to prove something to you. I do not, not everyone is against you, nor have all conspired to you Error. Be a little more realistic, then you will be much easier.

You’re too critical of themselves or others. Therefore, rubbing people no matter how complex your heart is actually a lot. Stop for a moment and show love, tenderness, vulnerability – do not be afraid, no one will take advantage even think less about yourself. You will be just less nervous.


All around you appreciate your determination and commitment, as well as unique, almost children’s view of the world. But enough with trying to please everyone. Learn to say no, take your bets because you because of their own indecision often worn out, and therefore suffer your closest.

Others give so much – love, motivation, passion, laughter – but you used up with such behavior, which control everything. You can not control all and expect to know everything. It often suffocates other people.

Could you please slow down? Your need to be constantly moving, doing something and plan is great and the reason people like you and like to be in your company, or you are closest too sometimes only in passing, come, quickly say something and leave. This can be frustrating, especially if sometimes others want you to be here for them and that they focus on.

We’re not all perfect like you! Clearly, it allows no one will ever say in the face – or look in the mirror and you will see that you behave. All prices you because of your principles and consistency, but sometimes it takes a little spontaneity. You’ll see how much fun it can be.

From the wonderful creatures that she brings laughter and life related easily turn into deliberate torturers who can shut up and so annoys others, or simply to get away from the conversation and problems. Therefore, those who are closest to you sometimes think to them very easily left behind and forgotten.

So you special and original soul that people can not believe how lucky to have you in my life. It is wonderful that so many try and give people around, but it sometimes results in time to be injured. Do not pull into themselves and not remain silent, thereby punishing only those nearest. Give people an insight into his thoughts.