First astrological field-body appearance, way of showing others ….

Astrological field: First (Ascendant – ASC)

Element and Meaning: Fire – confidence, ideals, enthusiasm, initiative, activity, religion, identity

Quality and importance: Angle – a direct manifestation of the energy of the planet

The modern meaning of the fields: body, appearance, way of showing others

The traditional meaning of fields: temperament, character, personality, quality of communication, the beginning, the birth of the first days of life, vitality, head, hair, brain, ego

Esoteric meaning of fields: soul, aura, purpose, activities souls willing activities

Numerological meaning of the fields: unity, beginnings, God, the male principle, mental activity, individuality, ambition, aggressiveness, loneliness, pride

Natural Sign: Aries

Planeta ruler: Saturn

Planet rejoices in this field: Mercury