Fish-All women in a relationship or married! You might find this really helpful to get more love and better understanding in a marriage ……

It is ideally suited to domestic life. It is not so active, not so much as capable as the other women, but their spiritual abilities and their emotionality, overshadows many other women. Perhaps because it does not have as much success with men who were in the first place personal comfort and strong house.

From your home will create a comfortable and quiet place, however, often does not have enough strength to all his ideas into practice. Although women born under this sign can be both beautiful and talented and self-indulgent, it will usually spend all day daydreaming, imagining just fun or, which is much more dangerous after marriage, erotic games and sensual pleasure. Such self-indulgence can actually be fatal.

Sometimes the health of these women’s delicate and sensitive and it is necessary to invest a lot of will power and patience to help her regain enthusiasm and optimism. These negative aspects of its nature does not have to always point in the intensity, and if he found the right man and patient, it will be expensive, favorite, sympathetic and devoted wife and husband and children. Incredibly they are responsible, and that makes them real friends, in the literal sense of the word. Are customizable and like to experiment, and their concept of sex is wonderful. It is far from average.