Fish and other zodiac signs-Stacking zodiac signs and Comparative Love Horoscope

The twelve zodiac sign of the Zodiac is ruled by Jupiter (God of gods), as well as his elusive brother Neptune (the king of water). Fiskene is variable (mutating) the watermark. People born under this sign are creative and friendly, but they can be very vulnerable of emotional, dependent and melancholic. These people simply accepted for people and circumstances as they are, unable to oppose them or use them for their own purposes, also tend to patiently wait for the problems themselves fringes, rather than to the initiative for resolving them into their own hands . Rather dealing with other people’s problems than their own.

Different shades of character types, these people fall into two extreme: 1 – unstable FISH – private person, with a very prominent talent detailed observations, which sometimes worked out Existir emotional than rational, i’d rather instinctive than intellectual; 2 – Intellectual FISH – social, active people restless spirit, impulsive, very interested in the intellectual development and are ready to fight for their positions and achieve their dreams. Both type of horoscope sign Jupiter gives the gift of curiosity and understanding of a Neptun their sensitivity and spiritual qualities exposes. The challenge of speed (auto racing, skiing, airplane flights), as well as exploring the wild, hunting or sailing, can be very attractive for these people and their gourmet appetite readily indicate a constant battle with my weight.

Neptune unstable type FISH stimulate thirst – for alcohol, light and heavy drugs and generally all addictive obtained. These fish emotionally react to everything and that’s a quality that they can be easily seduced to be controlled by others. Strong sense of despair, to which families and friends seem to have no understanding, these people often triggers a feeling of total seclusion. And somehow, they never have enough money to “make ends meet”, even though their salary is not less than the average. FISH shy Radja are copies of other people than their own original personality. Sign of the Zodiac Pisces is one of the dual characters, which means it has a very good and very bad side. Stable fish are meticulous and well organized, while unstable tend to become sloppy and careless (these are all reflections of their emotional reactions).