Fish & Fish LAV- How do agree with ….. Love profile (ASTRO)

People born under the sign of Pisces often seem gentle and eager protection, which can easily attract Lava, which will probably be very surprised when the fish suddenly becomes positive and seemingly strong and make the steps that are in favor of it. If Leo persistent and sneaks into a long term relationship with unstable fish, it can have drastic effects because Leo always wants to know exactly his exalted position in every situation. Both were vain and share a love of extravagantnoj clothes, which is pretty much the only thing we have in common. Since Leo is a fire sign Aries zodiac water, sex relationships can be very passionate and vaporous. Leo will definitely enjoy the attention they get from partners, the fish will not feel special, as the elect king (or queen) of all beasts. Passionate and impetuous temper Lava be too blatant for delicate and sensitive fish. A sensitive Pisces is easily vulnerable and can become very difficult to bear and dangerous reserved. Leo enjoys the fact that others depend on it, and if it happens that in that sense abusive partners in the sign of Pisces, it is very likely that they will not be able to withstand the hatred and resentment that the fish are able to react even in a long time. Fish is generous with love and attention, but is prone to sometimes turn off and pulled into her small, silent world for solving a problem or making an important decision. Lav will thus not be confused, and will identify the injured abandoned in frustration such procedure it inexplicably partners. Leo tends to be cast in the fun and celebrations with friends in order to suppress yourself to feeling of rejection, and such actions can really irritate the fish. This combination is a Leo who is likely to be deeply hurt and nervous, because Fish’s ability to use your intuition can disorient, frustrate and upset by the fact that Lava partner Fish nemoze nothing to hide. Fish belonging to the water and changing the signs of the zodiac, the subjects were successful Jupiter and Neptune imaginative – they expanzivní this feature brings a love of harmony, decor and photography, glamor and fantasy, but also in them can produce hardened lovers of risk. Leo is a natural by nature very overstressed and likes to dominate – his shrill howl known to scare the fish, which however well understood that your humble and obedient attitude indicated on raznezivanje and timidity. To Leo was pleased and happy, fish must learn to control their variable moods and Step away from them the common life of love with Leo, Aries and if fails to accept the weaker partner at your side – then this compound has a chance of success. Both must accept compromises more than they used to. The ideal solution would be to find a good Lav yourself in a hobby you can invest your energy because such a union with the fish usually are not enough to meet all the requirements of the Lions, even though Aries offers sensitivity and understanding, which are exclusive agree with lions noble spirit. Astrologically speaking, is generally not expected that this compound fails to dopstane for long periods of time, or if both have the ability to learn from each other miserable if drastic ignore their differences. Leo is impulsive and can be very extravagant, which is not going to like Pisces, there is no business relationship between these two characters will have a good foundation for development and progress.