Fish & Fish Skorpija- How do agree with ….. Love profile (ASTRO)

Regarding the Scorpion and Fish both partners enjoy in this great, joint Union. Element Water is both a sign and so the beams of their community good mutual understanding. Scorpio is a very deep and mysterious, while Fish idealistic and in every situation looking for nuances. Scorpio can help Pisces to realize their dreams and ambitions – to turn ideas into reality. The physical attraction between these two characters is irresistible, and their relationship has any chance of success. The fish is very sensitive, so Skorpion should be very careful with his poisonous sting. Skorpion ruby ​​can be the protector of the world with which fish sometimes can not cope alone. Fish has the power to pull the open tender side Skorpion personality, one that other people rarely see and experience. Skorpion is the subject of Mars and Pluto, and Pisces Jupiter and Neptune. Mars is the ancient God of War, and Scorpio is evidence of Martian aggressive, courageous, combative and sometimes hostile influences. When combined with the influences of the planet Pluto, Mars becomes hot cyclical and symbolizes rebirth and new beginnings. Skorpion is able to be lifted after heavy falls, but it is also inclined and that throws his snergijom! Jupiter, the ruler of the fish, representing philosophy, Expanze and excess, while the influence of Neptune gives Pisces dreamy aura and a love of culture and the media. Overall, these two characters are very compatible, as Water is a tangible and palpable physical entity and both are very price as their possessions. Pisces is born to connect mankind, and when it comes into contact with scorpions intrigue, adhesion, tenacity and strength, on the ground there is a stronger connection. For these two will always be comparatively easy to agree on a compromise. They communicate imaginative, reading moods and thoughts to each other. Both possess the gift of mental and psychological level, although the fish will sometimes feel like a totally naked and unable to smuggle secret thought the scorpion customs X-ray views. Little Earth and Fire in their astrological aspects, will ensure an inspiring and stable relationship with a lot of attraction and emotions and feelings and all the beautiful things you both like. They have just, at least sometimes, themselves provide a clear and realistic view of life and all the things around them. This compound has everything – from the hot sensual sex to spiritual love. A genuine and durable, this is the perfect blend of two water zodiac sign. Scorpio is a fixed and variable Pisces sign – Skorpion those concentrating on one project until it’s completed, while Fish love to jump from project to project, as they are feeling wears. Likewise, a partner in the sign of Pisces can easily become part of scorpions and entertainment projects. In return, Capricorn needs to give Pisces the freedom to enjoy their own interests. Fish can show Skorpion that flexibility is sometimes better than convincing determination, and that compromises without struggling payments. Scorpio and Pisces are mutually feed each other energies and are usually compatible in romance and business relations. The best aspect of this compound is the similarity of their nature.