Fish & Fish Vodolija- How do agree with ….. Love profile (ASTRO)

This pair can really boast creative and compassionate connection. Aquarius is attracted by the romantic charm of Fish, a fish attracting Vodolijini visionarski ideals. A sensitive, imaginative Pisces will accept almost anything to fill Vodolijine cabbage – this couple is able to reach an unusually strong intimate connection. Both are very self-critical. Farsighted Aquarius, air Sign, a subject is responsible Saturn and Uranus deliberate, guided zodiac sign Pisces managed deities Jupiter and Neptune – the planet of fantasy and imagination. These aspects bring spiritual quality of this relationship. Air is the element of spirit communication and transmission of knowledge, while the Water element emotions and feelings, care and intuition. Aquarius, a fixed signs of the zodiac, is more intellectual, but also more calm and defined by Fish. If the fish are able to cease to doubt your partner, this combination has all the chances to be happy and long-lasting. The art of lovemaking, a partner in the sign of Pisces is gentle, obedient and willing, with gusts sensual passions that Aquarius can opduzeti dah! Both can be a little ambivalent about what sex is concerned, and both are known to willingly interfere with the unusual bond, they are included in the homosexual games and entertainment, sex-orgies and the like. They both love socializing, but the fish very introspective and needs strong support. Jealousy can occur in this regard, due to feelings of insecurity partners in the sign of Pisces. Aquarius and Pisces can be just as good friends as well as lovers. Problems are rare, but sometimes Aquarius can be too intellectual and aloof, a fish too dedicated and naive to Vodolijin taste. Aquarius quickly dismisses those who disagree with his vision, and Pisces is known to quickly accept someone else’s vision and thinking. Whenever Aquarius appears with a new idea – as Aquarius is otherwise often do – Pisces is ready to offer support and understanding at an intuitive level. These two are the joint work to create a complementary duo, rich intellectual and emotional resources. There is always something going on and the connection is very prone to be a flexible and progressive. When they are doing well – it’s good, but when it goes wrong, mutual communication falls into the abyss. Conflicts can occur due Ribino need for tenderness and emotional support, and because of the tendency of Aquarius to ideas that take precedence over romance. Both are known to end up rarely initiated projects – so the business relations between Pisces and Aquarius generally not recommended nor long-lasting and successful. The best aspect of this combination is their common interest in developing knowledge and acceptance of the modern world and ideas.