FISH-Fraud and zodiac signs! Do you cheat or are faithful, find out what the stars say! (ASTRO)

FISH ON – Is he cheating is perhaps not so important how much his need to reassure you and scatter all your doubts that this can be true. Since he forgave you when you cheated him, the same is expected from you – that his infidelity simply ignore. Because he does not cheat premeditated, but because his wife imposed when they see so rolled up and arms so you can act very nice. Man in Pisces will try hard to persuade you to trust him and not evil tongues. As much as it impresses your jealousy, suspicion or concern, though it is important to trust only him, even if it’s self in your own four walls.

FISH ONA – Although it plays an impregnable fortress, Pisces woman wants, even in dreams or in the imagination, the seducer who will win at leisure – quiet and romantic. Therefore, she knows how long to be in love, but not to show it. Wants to be deceived, and when her seducer approached, run, slipping away, all hoping that he would eventually catch in his net full of dangerous erotic uzbudjenja.Teško remains faithful, for he was very emotional and vulnerable, so it is easy to hurt partner (often without knowing that it is done); and when that happens, a woman in Pisces will seek solace in another man, always better and is always stronger than the one who hurt her, because it is so important that it is experiencing.