Fish general characteristics (ASTRO)

The sign Aries is the house of Jupiter and exaltation of Venus at 27 degrees. The first dean belongs to Saturn, Jupiter the second, third Mars. Its nature is cold and damp, water, phlegmatic, it is a female, night, dvotelesni sign. Has a predatory beast, aquatic creatures and standing water. Moderately lustful, have more children, with deft hands and feet, no voice, careful, master of resourcefulness, quick, always hesitant, indecisive said. Since the human body belong to his feet.

This way, tradition describes the sign Pisces, and connects it to the fitting analogy twelfth fields and water elements. In an attempt modernization of astrology, Pisces is assigned to the astronomical planet Neptune, but nothing has been discussed time astrological already created confusion, which unfortunately still have that confuses those who meet with astrology.

Understanding is the best word to describe members of this sign, because their approach to the situation is not logic but osećaj.Ribe as a warm and often find themselves in a society very different ljudi.Spremne are to be given in an emotional sense, fit into the image of other people. It is advantageous to be support anyone but themselves and seek support. In addition, they are not liable to be leaders, their presence is important in any matter to be accepted.

Pisces are a water sign, and as such are characterized by empatičnošću and expressed emotional kapacitetom.Kao and Cancer and Scorpio, people born under this sign are often “deeper” than others and tend to take into account the inexplicable things that life brings, to be felt happy and fulfilled.

The ruling planet is Jupiter, it is his night house, as opposed to Sagittarius which is living, so he manages here dreams, psyche, metaphysics and creativity. Therefore, the representatives of this sign have an intuitive and artistic talente.Instinktivno have an understanding of the life cycle and thus achieve the best emotional vezu.Kada are too devoted to others, can not prevent certain developments. Although this character known for his wisdom, often to a premature or excessive gifts confidence, but throughout their lives many times disappointed.

The negative side

Are prone to depression, looking sad and napušteno.Često believe that they are not his fault, destined for a life worse than zaslužuju.Imaju impression that the world is a cruel mesto.Traže hungry and shelter with other people, you are very weak, soft and infantilni.Brzo obeshrabruju.Kad certainly is something they do not succeed, Fish tend to be completely solitude and think about their evil sudbini.Mogu to be very lazy. Allow things happen, without having to provide the slightest resistance. Snage.Ribe often do not tend to run in drugs and alcohol. When it comes to “thick”, have no power to resist or to do anything for themselves. The sex can be very complacent and passive.