Fish, happy birthday to you! Who are actually fish?

Fish are the twelfth, the latest sign of the end of the zodiacal cycle. It could be said that they form a set of characteristics of the other eleven signs. Who, in fact, Fish?

Ribe (19.2. – 20.3.)

The fish are happiest when all of its properties are kept secret. They are selfless, spiritual creatures focus on their inner journey and carry the weight of their feelings. Yes, feelings define Fish, and it is their burden. This sign intuition is very stressed and tend to anticipate events. I often have dreams that foretell. Born under this sign feel comfortable in their world of illusion.

Given that they are presented with two symbols, this duality suggests the existence of yin and yang of their sensibilities. They vary between reality and dreams, which has led us to them call out chameleons of the Zodiac.

However, one of their primary goals is to help others. They will quickly understand people’s needs and suffering. Sometimes I have trouble separating reality from fantasy and not get caught in their dreams. Time an impression of dishonesty and lies. However, lies or beg the only weapon Fish resorts to when he felt threatened.

Their ruling planet is Neptune and despite the fact that ruled the seas and oceans, and cling to acting, dance and art. However, the other side of Neptune radiates lethargy, melancholy and depression. Strongly influenced by the planet’s easy to reach for alcohol or drugs.

The element that is associated with Pisces is a water stream could cry tears if their feelings of injured persons, and this is mainly because of the depth of their mind, no one has yet reached but remain forever misunderstood.

Also, they are unsurpassed romantic, but your partner can provide sensational emotion and show him her magical world of dreams painted Lepoša colors dominated by pink. These people like to help others and to make the most imaginative way.

When there are no fish in their environment, devoid of genuine emotion that takes the situation of the universe.