FISH: HEALTH Psychosomatic ailments state zodiac signs

At the end of horoscopes are waiting for us sleepy and gentle Fish trapped in a world of fantasy and lived emotions. Members of this sign are sensitive in every way, but you get used to early on pills and various medicines, they gave themselves another health problem.
Fish are intuitive, emotional, self-sacrificing, but also mentally unstable. Are subject to the influence of someone else, but if it is negative, and the same will go in the wrong direction. Are prone to psychosomatic complaints, addictions and various sleep disorders.
Zodiac Aries masters feet, symbolic and balance between the upper and lower parts, between the body and the spirit, dream and reality. Under his administration the muscles, ligaments, bones, foot, heel, then the cerebral cortex and pituitary gland. Bodily functions managed by the mental activity and control of hormones. In addition to a variety of mental illnesses, were born in this sign are prone to disorders of metabolism and blood circulation, fractures and deformities of the foot.
Like any watermark, and water for them (and any liquid) has medicinal properties. Especially if they match the swimming, massage with essential oils, medicinal mud, natural teas, yoga and meditation.
Exercise: Swimming
Most fish admires summer just because they can then swim to your heart’s content. Does not happen to them, so swimming in the pool because they prefer the natural environment. Happy to be somewhere near the water, will join business with pleasure by giving your body every day enjoy the beneficial sport. Swimming can sometimes be dangerous for them. Eager romance and peace, you could be completely carried away, forgetting about the danger lurking from prolonged exposure of the body to sunlight.