Fish Love horoscope after decades

The first decade (19.02. – 28.02)

Bitter disappointment if you expect these people do not realize that idealism is often impossible demands. It should not be associated with people born under the sign of Libra, because they may be injured.

In his search for perfection know how to criticize and ask for the impossible, because it can happen to delay entering into marriage. These persons may be held liable born under the sign of Scorpio and Cancer.

The second decade (01.03. – 10.03)
The girl was born in this period as a child dreams of an ideal love. Rarely is the first happy love for her. She physically matures early and is usually associated with the elderly man. He has an innate power to attract strong people, because her intuition helps to keep them with you.

Individuals sign this act outside secretive, cold and indifferent, but if you truly love they are confidential and absolutely loyal. Their temperament correspond to people born under the sign of Cancer, Scorpio or the second half of February.

The third decade (11.3. – 20.03)
These people like to experiment, act very freely, keeping a constant need to try something new. Sensitive to compliments, can easily obtain small gifts and attention. Nelaogodnostu will have with the environment, because hardly realize that not everyone is so passionate and impatient as they are themselves.

On a trip can meet a person under the sign of Aries, Scorpio or Cancer, that will be much more than a passing adventure. The eventual marriage to such a person will be very happy for them, if they realize that they can not all be exactly the same.