Fish-Man Mystic

Map name: Fish (Pisces)
Map Description: Mystique
Features: always ready for fun. It has a sense of humor and generally it feels good to entertain other people. Theatrical and energetic. Although very act honestly and as it is easy to read, it’s all a mask, because the truth is that many things keeps for himself.

If what you’re hiding in a basis different from its ideals and notion of life, will make sure that it is not itself does not reveal what’s bothering him. Therefore, these problems can manifest psychosomatic. No matter how cheery and romantic, is also interested in philosophy, mathematics and the occult.

Attracted by the secrets and mysteries. There is no need to solve puzzles and finds practical solutions, how to understand why there is even a puzzle. These men go to the core of problems and often have conflicts with others, because sometimes ask questions or make inappropriate comments in situations where no one expects them or anyone.

Very easily deduced partners and intentions of other people. Because it is aware of human nature, and of the ease with which she approached in their procedures and secrets is very thoughtful and is difficult to detect whether it has something to hide or not. Of course, this only applies to people who do not know enough, if something is hiding from her family this is so that they would not be bothered. There ideals and life principles that weight, but does not want to impose them will mean that his partner to accept a certain lifestyle.

Generous to all, in a partner can often cause jealousy. That will happen at one time smiling, in another stern and serious.

He likes to makes fun of other people’s fears proved unnecessary to such behavior, grief person will not be sorry, considering that from time to time everyone needs to tell the truth, or at least what he considers to be the truth.