Fish-monthly horoscope for August 2020

JOB: If you are an art or any other category of creative work expect full support staff and a lot of work and therefore money. Mercury retrograde can bring your old associates and renewed cooperation. Often embellishes the events and impressions around you, this time Virgo or Capricorn showing you the way of reality. If you are a worker in a large corporation will have a conflict with the manager or boss in the workplace.

LOVE: The person of the sign Pisces is your true love at the moment. Of course there are no signs as twins who will want to come back into your life, and you will not be interested. Your charisma tends to true and sincere love. A business trip can be inspired by an interesting person you will meet. There can happen sincere emotions. Fish married have a good month with a partner of trust and understanding, although often enter into useless discussions, which only raise tensions and does not give any result.

HEALTH: Frequent checks especially in the second plovini month for retro Mercury in Virgo, who can make you a problem when you least expect it.