Fish-monthly horoscope for August 2021.


At work, the situation is gradually complicate. Saturn, who for a long time dominated by your field of business activity, ready to turn, which means that in real life brings confusion and announces an uncertain situation. He will be soon joined by Mars, which enhances and speeds up the bad swims and will be a large number of characters against their will to find a business crossroads. Possible job losses due to various austerity measures and reduction of redundancy or because of new systematization and other organizational changes. Those with private business could face losses and financial problems which will affect the upcoming crucial period in terms of serious cuts at work or even shutdown of the transaction. Jupiter, ruler of the field that is associated with a partnership in the business sense, the possibility of merging with a stronger company, or with someone who is connected to the rest of the world. Prepare for a variety of business “turbulence”.


Although the beginning of this period does not indicate turbulent events in the emotional level, this situation will not last long. Monotony disturbs the established Mercury’s entry into the sign of Virgo, 31 July, and will bring additional excitement on 5 August and Venus in the field of partnership. During this period, there could be a complete renovation of the relationship. All types of connections, whether they are short, long or double, it will be on to some kind of test in the coming weeks. Stellium, which formed in Virgo Mercury, Venus and Jupiter, will bring substantial qualitative changes your relationship with your partner in the long run. Relationships that have long been in crisis, shall be completed during this period. Free members will have an extended range of characters, which sometimes is not preferred because it will tend to choose the right person, so it is essential that in addition to emotion and heart, elections and engage the mind.


Possible cardiovascular problems, high blood pressure or heart arrhythmia. Pay attention to diet, avoid stress, less hyperactive.