Fish-monthly horoscope for December 2021.


If you are free …. probably torment torture. Your subconscious mind is burdened Mars until the end of the second decade of December – a million questions you rotate the head, and not the one you do not have an answer. Again, your box of friends, dating, social networking is quite good and you can activated in this segment eventually look for something for yourself. But the problem with those fish that are related to the past. Former emotional partner they can not get out of my head and it is evident that at this moment you can not (and do not want) to remove and move on. During the second decade of the month expect that just this past much more activated. Options for secret contacts and meetings were also highlighted. However, only the entry of Mars in your sign on the 19th of December, as you will get enough power and energy to loudly and clearly say what you want, but that is largely clear their own insecurities and problems. Even if you have an emotional partner – your dissatisfaction is higher than indicated. Communication with your loved one is the correct time, no time, you kind of trying to balance, at the same time accusing partners not to bother at all. Whether this is true or not, it is a question whether it is your experience of reality. Basically, if you do not find a common language, this month can be quite tiring for your emotional relationships.


You understand where your “weak points” when the business segment in question and we will try to correct them, which will result in great progress in the third decade of December. Understand at this time to identify the right opportunities to take the important from the unimportant, rely on your intuition, because you it unmistakably leads to the real thing and strokes. Perhaps for the implementation of some of the work takes time, but you are patient enough and willing to wait for his moment. Positive changes in this month are starting to come to life and make sure that you end result will be more than satisfied. In particular, you will be delighted stronger financial inflows, which will help to put an end to some debt that already a while towing. Relationship with colleagues will be a little tiring for you, because sometimes you will not feel support from their side. And it will improve in the second half of the month.


Overall, the health situation is not bad. However, in the first part of the month you will often feel as drained, and during this period you have low immunity. Strengthen your blood work, make sure that you find enough time for themselves, for rest, relaxation and good sleep.