Fish-monthly horoscope for November 2021.


Tired of loneliness, sorting through memories and static. Want to change something in your emotional life and therefore is not surprising that many will be available this month in a Fish very socially activated. While some of you turn to friends, dating, entertainment events with friends, others will begin to generate more contact with those who are business related. It is possible that during this period I finally accept the offer to go by colleagues who for some time now revolves around you, trying to animate you I won. Those who yearn for emotional some former partners, some pay attention to the second decade of November, when there is a great chance to renew contact, even for a meeting with your ex-love. In which direction to go on, it is open, I will mainly depend on the predisposition in your personal natal chart. With emotional and spouse in November will have a variable ratio. On the one hand – see that you are quite connected and that this relationship is almost the inseparable, while the other – can not manage to fit in in terms of some little things that you both very irritating and it seems that from time to debate or to disassociation. It is essential that both run the process of change, to openly say what it is that bothers you I try to join forces to establish a fund to which many aspire.


The first good news the unemployed – the second part of November will bring much desired opportunity to find something appropriate for yourself. The offer will be open unexpectedly, although a “pull” on a temporary engagement – accept, because this business over time can prove to be stable and lasting. Those who are already working in business over the head I often will ask whether it is possible that they have to be so much overwhelmed with. So it turns out that you have a worker to whom everyone can rely – so shut up and push their obligations consistently and uncompromisingly, as I do now. One change that you want to start now functioning very slowly – some shifts will be able to make during the second decade, but it will not be entirely what you desire. However, some of you may have less progression or improvement, and that during the first decade, but it will be more “cosmetic” than you will actually fix your position. As far as the financial segment – it is better than usual. Make sure you do not borrow too much because it will “come out of the nose” very quickly.


The health situation will be better than in the past, but you are still far away from it that you can relax. However, most will face some minor problems, with which you relatively easy to cope.