Fish-monthly horoscope for October 2021.


The new moon in your field changes at the beginning of October, I suggest to you and your partner should not introduce significant changes to improve your relationship. Namely, it is evident that the previous period, which was quite complicated, certainly left a mark on your essential emotional relations. It is good that both of you are aware that communication and compliance your core problem and that it is necessary that in this segment of the fix and stabilize. Now I really have the opportunity to do so, but it seems to me that the second decade of October in fact I marked the turning and turning increasingly toward each other. The third decade of the members of your sign but brings a lot better communication, increase of love or passion and a stronger connection with your loved one. Just one piece of advice for you – no one person can make a problem, as it can not be solved only one. Both bear their share of the blame for the current situation, it is necessary that both participate in the process of “healing”. As free members of this sign is concerned, new beginnings emotional stories I have in front of you. New Moon (this planet rules your love field) in the field of passion, change – Pisces will bring the beginning of an unusually passionate and exciting relationship. This person will know how to properly give you I went to “underline you under my skin”, so it is no wonder that you will very quickly be already in seventh heaven. The strongest predisposition to start these interesting developments during the second decade of October.


The process of change in the business segment, which is important during the start of September (in a somewhat turbulent and you personally unpleasant and difficult way) I continued in October, but in a completely different atmosphere. Communication with partners, colleagues, superiors, who was your stumbling block, it is now much more stable and it is easy to agree with others, to find a compromise and a common language. Ruler of your field of work, Mars, is in an excellent position to your character, and the site of its exaltation, Pisces which will bring strong opportunities for advancement, but I consolidating existing business positions. The second decade of the month may bring you some transient nervousness I Papiroloski problems, but at this time I pay attention to the new arrangements, as well as that does not create major shortcomings in the work. Since the beginning of the third decade provides an opportunity for progress and change for the better position, but I for financial “boom”.


Planetary support on your sign stands, so it’s safe to you in the health segment felt a great relief and overcome the ailments that accompany you for months. However, it is still not the time to relax – take care of immunity, which is also still pretty bad.