Fish-monthly horoscope for September 2020.

JOB: Strive to do more to emphasize how much you are actually ambitious and will not be a problem for you. This is usually a great month for those who want to start something new especially if this is art, media, tv. Your planet Neptune, although in a more difficult aspect of the Sun will give you to consider carefully with whom you work or simply pay attention to the associates. The second half of the month can be turned to the members of the constellations that are engaged in science, research, innovation.

LOVE: You need a person who will help you better assess your inner being. May be Capricorn or Taurus or something more you weigh, air or fire signs. This is an ideal period for those who want to engage in a relationship with someone who is outside of your country. If you are married, you know that you suffer, discount partner but do not let this person tailors life. Find yourself, recognize their true feelings, they will not be tortured.

HEALTH: You tend to various infections, bacteria. You have to be careful not to consume too much alcohol, because it disrupts blood sugar levels, and therefore the growth of bacteria is suitable to such soil.