Fish-monthly horoscope for September 2021.


Those in emotional relationships and marriages are a “hold fast” during this month … The solar eclipse occurs in your field of serious partnership and marriage, a lunar eclipse in your field of personality. At the beginning of September can cause big problems in your emotional route and it is more than likely that they will be repeated, but neither you nor the partner will not have enough power to solve them. Charges will “fly” And with your side I loved, but it is evident that it will not bring a solution, but will only further fed the problem. Only the second part of the month opened the first possibilities that you or a loved one begin to solve the accumulated bad situation. When Mercury goes direct stroke, during the third decade, the communication will begin to recover and things calm down … .What are free members of Pisces is concerned, certainly by mid-month wait for some heavier moments. Obviously there are situations where you can not easily get out to the end, maybe it was the loneliness, and perhaps can not simply no way to win the person you want. Rivers of tears will become almost standard until after lunar eclipse in mid-September. From that point you follow an unexpected twist, the circumstances that you suddenly go on hand and is more than likely that you will be “picked up” in the short term. The third decade of September is more than good for love. You have waited so far ahead – enjoy the events! Opportunities you go through field work, over dates and social networks.


September month test your nerves and in the business segment. Cooperation and business partnerships will be a big test during the first decade of this period. Also, your relationship with your superiors can be a lot worse and it is obvious that you will be “squeezed” and some tight deadlines, but I reckon that the heads only have words of criticism for you. For all this, your concentration and organization has any, so there may be omissions and mistakes, particularly as regards the agreements, business communication and paperwork. In the middle of the month will probably look as if everything around you is collapsing, which is of course a very subjective point of view, and the rest of September will show that all I can handle faster than you think. The ruler of your sign, Jupiter will move into balance and your field changes, crisis, money from the contract and its true impact will be felt in earnest in the second half of September. Before Pisces have since been positive changes, it’s easy and you’ll return to old business positions, and in front of you will open and opportunities for improving the financial segment.


Members of the older generation in the first part of the month feel the deterioration of the health segment. Psychological pressure shall not be liable for younger fish, it is necessary to find time for relaxation. Improving the opportunity of the second part of September.