Fish-monthly horoscopes for July 2020

JOB: Often you are unhappy because you think you can still do more and better. This is true, but often do not have the support of others getting into depression and find it hard to go back to normal. Getting a good month to look for a consultant or to have cooperation with the person in Virgo or Taurus. Though you are related to air signs, they are not now favorable associates for you because you have different attitudes and ideas that can become confused at the end. Try it yourself to stabilize because you still own their own best critic and analyst. Much money you can expect a period of the second week of the month. You will travel a lot, especially if you do business media, journalism, any creativity, and in this certainly helps direct Jupiter who finally moving forward and says good aspects in relation to your ruler Neptune.

LOVE: You are emotional, sensitive. When fish is often a disappointment, abandonment. You are very sensitive at this time and emotional status is the most important to you. You do not want to get too involved if you do not see that person as a potential love. Your appeal and charisma can often be the problem. People think I like to challenge and shock the environment, but you only want to show his state of mind, which is essentially a very lonely. A good relationship with the earth and water signs, especially with cancer or Capricorn. You like a lion, a person from the constellation Gemini or Aquarius wants to restore the relationship or at least companionship.

HEALTH: You need a break. The ideal destination – an island in the Greek archipelago.