Fish-Monthly Horoscopes for May 2021st


You yourself are aware that your partnership has long swings that are completely variable phase. Neither you nor partner you are not the brightest mood, but you will personally take you to the lift in the first decade of May. The new moon in the field of movement and communication, as well as direct the movement of the ruler of your sign, Jupiter in the field of partnerships will bring you the necessary energy and activity during this month. You will go back to the heroic and completely conquer your precious creatures. I’m not saying that you have some light moments in front of you, or if your results of your effort to be more than certain, but it will become apparent only in the third decade of May, when love, peace and stability in a big way back to you. Therefore, dear Pisces, ask yourself a goal – to restore unity and love in your relationship – do not give up and rely on success! If you are, you might be in some kind of inactivity and dubious in the first decade of this month. Even after that, there are large changes, you’ll be on the move and ready for new acquaintances, which will be somehow by itself open before you. We go down the curtain on a troubled past period and open new paths to love, to joy and some beautiful moments. Perhaps the right person right here, around you, around you. Things will be crystallized in the last decade of the month.


Ruler fields of work and money throughout the month will go retrograde stroke, it is necessary to focus on existing business and that you see and perceive what it is that you can correct and thus improve their business. Situations will take some faster, and easier flow from the end of the first decade of May. Then a possible new contacts, new contracts and have the feeling that once again step on their feet. CERTAIN stands a greater number of business trips where you will be able to achieve significant results. What is needed is to pay attention to every segment of the deal, do not jump, because do not forget – the planet Mercury has an arrangement somewhat lower position, so that errors and omissions certainly possible. Financial segment will not be satisfied in full, and the cost will be increased further. Well, if you’re patient function and solve the problems one by one, I have no doubt that you will look forward to the final results of this month!


You yourself you will begin to feel much better at the end of the first decade of May. Ruler field of health in Taurus shows that some processes in the body slow the metabolism is bad and it is necessary to pay attention to diet, but also recreation. Do not be lazy, it’s time to activate!