FISH PERMANENT imagining that they are sick: Learn what are the biggest flaws and weaknesses of your horoscope sign

Rams often have health problems with the head or the eyes, ears and nose. What is the spiritual condition is concerned, if they go wrong in their lives and therefore fall into depression, know that bowed to drugs and alcohol. Otherwise, the Rams surrender all enthusiastic, but as soon as that feeling subsides, they lose interest and turn to other things. You could say that is a bit sloppy.

The members of this sign change in life simply terrified. They prefer to live the way they used to, even if it is not really something special and it could be much better. If you are forced to change, can fall into depression. So, the biggest weakness of this sign is not adapted, but this is the biggest brake on the path to success and a better life. As for health concerns, Bulls usually have problems with the neck, throat and thyroid gland.

They are always in a hurry so that relationships and toward meals – often rushed out of the house, without anything to eat nor drink. Therefore know that reaching for unhealthy snacks. Such a way of life in them, often resulting in severe anxiety. Members of this sign knows that imju problem, except with nerves, and lungs, shoulders and arms. Otherwise, mana, and they are very sloppy in relationships, although to them it does not seem.

People born under this sign are very sensitive, even excessively – which leads to sudden changes of mood and the development of some diseases associated with the psyche. Too many of them affect other people’s problems. They know that they have problems with the kidneys, stomach, chest and digestion. I often get stomach ulcers because they can not relax properly.

Members of this sign do not know how to say “no!” when they feel they are too burdened. They all approach with a lot of enthusiasm that sucks the energy out of them, instead of that amount directed to only those things that are important. The drawback is that they can to select some items in order of importance, but all equally enthusiastic approach. This may be because in everything they want to be the best, but it’s sometimes necessary to recognize that there are better. For all that know they have a depressive episode in the life and health problems due to low immune system, for example. elevated body temperature.

Virgo is the biggest flaw is that it does not know how to express their feelings, so they often act emotionally cold, although they are far from it – the words “cook” a multitude of emotions. Precisely because feelings do not display properly and can not relax, but tend to be restless, living under constant stress, all of which can easily lead them to depression. They often have problems with digestion, and often with skin.

Born under the sign of Libra are happiest when everything around them beautiful and harmonious – from home décor, physical appearance to interpersonal relationships. However, sometimes so want everything to be perfect time to begin to burden themselves and others, even to the extent that spoil the atmosphere and relationships with other people. When that happens then reproach ourselves what was not perfect as planned. All this leads to constant dissatisfaction and negative feelings that they know them to be developed, which could lead to them being pessimistic. They know that they have problems with the skin, kidneys and lower back work.

A major shortcoming of the members of this sign is anger, because then lose control and tend to be rude and arrogant. You are prone to sudden mood changes and strong reactions which is very stressful for them and for the people who find them nearby. They are often emotionally unstable and sometimes hidden feelings, but the fighting is going on within themselves. Therefore tend to have symptoms of the disease although physically wrong with them and that they suffer from problems with the nerves.

Members of this sign are very lively and like to be in motion, but more often than the other characters know sprained ankles, bruises, etc. have. And all this would be normal not happening right shooters. In fact, when you are injured or ill, they are able to terrorize all around. The inability of movement in them causes negative emotions and anxiety and sometimes depression. They know that they have problems with hips, liver and blood.

Capricorns are born leaders and therefore often take on more weight than they should be more than what is expected of them. In addition to constantly think that they have to have everything under control, but it just shows that they have confidence in the people around him. Such an attitude in life results in constant stress and feelings of restlessness. They know they have a superficial feelings that would stop at nothing in the way to the target. Often have problems with high blood pressure, spleen, bones and joints.

Born under this sign change mood so fast that it is hard to follow. From a state of great happiness rate can fall into despondency or anger. Mana them and they are somewhat egocentric and superficial feelings for others, even though they know it skillfully conceal behind a spiritual outlook on life. Other people they tend to be more important than, for example, their own children – although this may not work consciously. Often suffer from depression and problems with nerves and poor circulation.

Fish are very emotional and they know to yourself to download other people’s problems and uživljavati in them. And all this would be fine if that does not go too far so that in the end ourselves completely exhausted. Then they tend to imagine how they got a disease, but actually they just need rest and relaxation. Do they have a depressive episode and in those periods do not want to hear or see anyone. From physical ailments tend pneumonia, colds and other respiratory diseases.