Fish-psychological profile characters! Read them like a book! Astrology reveals …..

Fish apply to passive and changeable character, which can be very stubborn, persistent and consistent when it comes to an ideal or a person he loves. As in the animal world there are large and small fish, and among the zodiac Pisces are those that are very dangerous, and those who are such a food! Like fish that float expanse of water, and Pisces are supple and soft movements, while the outside world perceived as limited. The study of such a world it is easier to engage when they are part of a community or group. But what they were initially attracted to – be part of the group, later known that they represent a major constraint. It can be said that the whole life of balance between acceptance and opposing restrictions. In fact very contradictory; some restrictions will accept as normal, and sometimes will rebel against conventional obligations, such as, for example, going to work at the same time.

They live in a world made of dreams and imagination, but in reality it can not handle. Regular notice things that others promote unnoticed; Fish are not concerned with the details, but a whole. Characterized by vivid imagination, creativity, intuition and visionary spirit, and often possess some rare talents and abilities. Work best in an atmosphere of peace and mutual inspiration, because all the negative influences deeply experiencing. Expressed colors, lyrics and dance moves, but often do not know themselves to highlight and make use of their skills, but they need the help of someone else.