Fish-wife lady who sees the soul!

Map name: Fish (Pisces)
Map Description: The lady who sees the soul
Features: brave and emancipated, feminine also trying to find a man to whom they rely, and who would you fight against the whole world for her.

Not her problem to show weakness, if there is anyone. Even if it does, it will always have a dose of empathy for anyone who needs help. But the next moment, if she resents someone will become nervous and in most cases ironic, but with all smiles. Therefore, it hardly anyone can understand, and even then remains a mystery, I guess herself, knowing that if there are no secrets, no sense.

Likes to seduce and enjoys it, whether occupied or not. It is believed that the man she’s just a puzzle to solve easily. Is clever and knows how to fake it when it is needed. It is home to more personality and each uses the best of his ability. Her mood is changing, but often does not allow to interfere with work, except of course if it is not love.

As a mother, it was hard to find a balance between discipline and indulgence. Knows how to sacrifice himself, but also to transfer to another person. As the single character variable, this woman is hard to stick to a decision, so she more appropriate activities in which can have full freedom of expression. He likes to rely and depend on partners, or come into consideration only the ones that can be measured force.