FIVE FROM HELL: These signs of the horoscope nobody likes

This illustrious quintet is the hardest for cooperation, communication, loving relationships.

Many already know that among the 12 signs of the zodiac has a 5 “most difficult”. These signs are always “loyal”, because they were born under those stars.

5th – Capricorn
With Capricorn is difficult to communicate. Stubbornness is their middle name. Capricorn is rarely treated with respect, so that their social circle is always limited. They do not tolerate boredom, so you are surrounded by the most valuable friends. If you suddenly fall in love with Capricorn, you need a lot of patience and endurance.

4th place – Aquarius
Vodolije- are very specific in communication. They only respect their opinion. They can easily blame someone i do not like to hear the litigation. Aquarians have a special mind, but they are often occupied emotions.

3rd place – Gemini
Gemini can peacefully sit in some place, very chatty and capricious. In critical moments, they carry a “mask of indifference” or even cruelty and leave without saying goodbye. Thinking outside the home is empty sound for them. They have their own world of fantasy in your head. The twins are treacherous. You feel that you know them well, but they are able to still play – Checkmate.

2nd place – Aries
Aries is very impulsive person. They were able to break 15 seconds for everything they have built over the years, and this applies not only to development projects, but also their relationship. They are always right, and if you really are, then you have to admit they are right. This simple rule exists in their lives. If you fall in love with Aries, then be prepared for a fire that will burn continuously. Passion will cook all the time.

1st Place – Scorpio
Scorpio to be the biggest “villains” of the zodiac. They always get what they want. For them, nothing is impossible. They have a very harsh attitude toward the world, super ego and vindictive character. For these people – their property, so if you are in their network, you are forever in their captivity. Any kind of relationship with the representatives of this zodiac sign can result in severe consequences.