Fixed LAV-stars in the zodiac sign

In Leo, is ASINUS 1 and 2 to 7 degrees, and PRAESAEPE, the nature of Mars, which bring wealth and front positions, as well as big business and a lot of money. No, these are extremely dangerous fixed stars, which carry a lot of dangers in the physical sense, as well as accidents and frequently shorter life. SERTAN 12 degree nature of Mars, emphasizes the beauty, but also the mental restlessness and a strange twist of fate. DUBE 14 degree brings perseverance, a Algenubi to 20 degree nature Mars – Saturn, strange type of disease epilepsy and problems with food and asceticism. ALPHARD to 27 degree nature of Saturn – Venus brings great authority and a lot of money. Bill Gates has Jupiter at this stage. AL JABHA also at 27 degrees, the previous situation is getting worse in the sense that it comes to the issue and the like. Che Guevara is here had Neptun. REGULUS until recently was at 29 degrees, and now it is at 0 degree of device, called the Royal Star Nature Jupiter – Mars, and is very happy fixed star that usually brings great honor, statesmen and popularity beyond expectations. Since it is located in a square with unpleasant Algol, not infrequently bring the precipitous decline, but at this stage there is a fixed star PHEGDA, which highlights the wars and conflicts, mental problems and collapses, and frequently destroy a success, which brings Regulus. Revolution and war that drew leaders from prominent this level, always had an incredible number of victims.