For the groom: These women are under horoscope! (ASTRO)

Look at the stars, so pick a woman. It may be a joke, but the devil knows. What would not you a little look male in astrology.


Next to it is the average man feels like a woman, because she can do everything at least twice as better than you. I never because you will not mind – it will always work, to create, to hope and to encourage you and if you do everything else to say that you are an ordinary wimp. Open and clear you will not make a fool. Let it not accidentally try not anyone else! In addition it does not need to worry about enemies, because they will run headlong when you realize what a dragon guards. You are her treasure. The children she will never be spoiled from childhood to teach them how to fight for their own purposes. All we ask of you is to believe in yourself, at least as much as she believes in you. A owe her so much, is not it? . Only with her and nobody else will finally understand what it means to be a real man. ALL LEAVE HER NOW in his will, and even shoot!


Everything you love, love at least twice more thoroughly than you. Next to it there are no unforeseen failures and disappointments. Indulge her own money and be sure that you have deposited in the bank, which will increase by at least double. Tired and sore head? – indulge yourself in her hands, which will show you the secrets of relaxing massages. I never, never doubt that you’ll abandon you when teško.To the woman that you wore wounded miles through the desert, unshakeable like a camel. All that you are required are common gifts, but it’s really a small thing, is not it? … as it says it does best. Children are her mentally and emotionally stable, full of serenity. How could it not with a mother like that? Overwrite all her movable and immovable property!


Everything you think, think at least twice as better than you. Beside it, in fact, you do not have to think, let her with confidence and discover new worlds. With it, each new day as a new life. You did not know that you crouched a playful child? Now you know, while refreshed and forever young people wonder what you deserve so much sreću.To the woman with whom there is no banality, because she knows how to provide all meaning. And yes … it is full of surprises. When you grumpiest, surprise you with a ticket to the Champions Cup. All we ask of you is that you sometimes surprised her, and you will not be unimaginative, is not it? Children from an early age she goes along at least two schools and have rich things. Give her all the money, BUT NOW NOW NOW!


Everything you feel, felt at least twice more intense than you. With it you will finally get to know what it means to have beside him the right woman. Inserts in you to start an avalanche sentiments, so that you will no longer be Potebni adult channels .With her have everything … from comedy to horror to drama. You do not even need to go to the theater, you will have it neatly in the house. And the house? You’ll live in an oasis of a thousand and one nights, surrounded by the most delicious dishes, which will be arranged to wait “just for you” when you return tired from work. So how would you rushed to a woman? Children are sacred to her, the most important thing in life. Woe to those who try to do something to hurt them! Everything you expect that nurture and look … do not you see that you’re lucky? BUY NOW HER yachts, scooters, jeeps and many, but many gold items!


All she is what ever you can not hope to be. Because it is your life, your light, your inspiration. With it, you are not an ordinary man, but supermen, because how would you normally do have such a woman next to you? You’ll love it, because you will not have to do absolutely anything in particular that you would have loved it. I’ll always wonder what’s the catch? All that work for you, love with all my being. You will meet a woman who will love you more generous than her. When you are angry, be angry with the best in the world. When required, each of her desire for you is a command. With it you will finally get to know what is selfless and true love, do not you realize that you are one of the few? All I’m asking you to worship her, and what it is compared to the charm that gives you? Her children will always be the best at everything … after all, as a mother. Buy her ranch with a swimming pool, GET HER AMERICAN PASSPORT AND TWO HORSES EURO!


All he knows, he knows better than you twice. And you will learn what it means to find out. Life will be released illusion and there will be nothing that could stop you on the road to success. With it you will have a great karijeru.To is a woman who will finally let you do things important to you, without insisting on an excess of sentimentality. She is the love in deeds, not in words. Are you ill? … I do not need a doctor, that she and her deep sense of responsibility. All we ask of you is to be true and worthy, and she’s also twice as much from you. Children are her well organized and usually the best students … your mother’s brains.


She knows what the harmony and harmony and to know half of what you are. It is hard as steel when to remove obstacles from your path and as soft as velvet when you need to relax tense nerves and restore faith in yourself. Sovereign will guide you through life, but it will do so lovely and feminine that you will not have anything against it. You know that she breathes for you and you’re half the man without it. All you need to do is to not let even one without you is half a woman … is nothing more natural, when it was already filled you create a complete personality. Usually it is beautiful and graceful, and when it is not, you will feel at least twice as ugly and ungainly from nje.I not only that input from all around to create harmony and beauty. Children are her favorite in the company and great aesthetes. Teaches them that Daddy God. Gift her a diamond ring, BMW X6 and small planes, of course with the handsome pilot to vehicles.


She was not a woman, but a sorceress who bewitched you from the first moment. And be sure you know in advance at least twice as better than you. To make you happy too – Saute you to the highest peaks of fulfillment that you steeled – they’ll throw you into the deepest abysses of temptation … but one thing is certain … you’ll no longer be an ordinary man, but a hero like Achilles or Hector, ready and life to stand up for just one of her smile. If it’s any consolation, she would give her life for you. Prove to her that you are worthy of that. Go boldly with her through all the trials and never, ever has not issued. You will learn what true dedication and passion, by passionately love her heart, body and spirit. With it you will find out what the passion of loyalty. All we ask is that you let her believe. Children will learn from an early age that they are destined for great deeds. FOR HER will have to allocate sufficient funds. 74,000 euros per month, PLUS TROŠKIĆI!


Maybe you think that you have a little luck, but be sure that it has a triple over you. And it’s not because you are her “occurred”, but because he is so wise, noble and courageous, that the gods have chosen for their favorites. You no longer need to play games of chance, because with her life suddenly you begin to backfill their gifts – presrecniji will be fuller and richer than you ever were before her. In addition it will help other women to act as prefrigrane cats, because only she will be able to help rid the heart of complete candor. I do not get a wife, but also his best friend in the world, who wishes you well more than himself. You will elevate your sincere approval, urnisaće you with its razor-sharp mind … One thing is certain, with her life is an adventure. It is in the heart of the traveler, the investigator distant worlds and will give you a hand that shows you all the things for which you have been deprived until you met her. Do not accidentally try that way! She is fiery filly. All we ask of you is that you’re her smart stud … have you heard of Pegasus? Children are her sincere, full of optimism and faith in tomorrow … the mom. NOT FOR THIS COUNTRY IS NOT ENOUGH. Give her all the money you will get when you sell blood, kidney, brain and MOUZAKI!


Did you know before whom you stand? Be sure that you will soon voluntarily kneel, when you realize what kind of lady love. What would any average man broke his spine, this lady will express so quietly and with dignity, you may wonder whether you are at all worthy? If it is completed, be sure that your love will burn steadily and strongly, when all others are burned. Maintain the flame of its responsibilities, duties and sanctification. With her every day imperceptibly become better and better … until one day you realize that you are a crusty zžabe become a prince who enjoyed respect and authority all around. She knew that when you were a frog, a lady how dare he loves frog? Do you see that her imagination is not recognized unrealistic fantasies, because she always knows the outcome of things. All we ask from you is to show character and perseverance, and she will be happy to give you an example, because it has at least two times more than you. As the mother of the strict but fair. Her children will one day rule themselves and the world around them.

HOTEL I opened her chain of restaurants, overwrite ALL NICE TO HER AND ENJOY AT THE BOTTOM OF THE OCEAN!


When you meet this Miss (because it is always no matter how old were you), you will feel like a prisoner who finally felt the breath of freedom. Do not worry about it. It will easily download all your chains and show you how it will look to the world for hundreds of years. You do not need a time machine, or Spielberg science fiction … now you have it. Yet she does not belong only to you but to everyone, and yet anyone. With it you will learn what it means to be friendly and humane, because it is able to make a close friend and the head of the corporation and a bakery across the street. She does not fight for themselves, but for all people, even for you. If you grow as a single, you will become irreplaceable as a brother or sister. Finally you will be able to entrust to her all the secrets that make each other shocked, but not her … she is herself a mystic and is aware that it is completely different, and you are at least in part, as you choose. All you have to do is to never speak to her how to think and live my life, and why should you when it’s so inspiring. Kids love it, because it knows how to look at the world through their eyes. One day some of them will become a real genius.


Here’s a woman who has everything and yet nothing. All – because everything you always wanted to have anything – because you can never really have it. It eludes you like a siren that you seductively calling to sink to the bottom of the ocean, instead of sailing prancing like the Titanic. Ah, what is the glow of the outside world, if there must be love? Only the bravest can completely dive into such depth … maybe it’s you? If so, only she and no one else will love you from here to eternity as you are not expecting anything at all to change. Its versatility and imagination will make you a new man every day. For her, there is a lost cause, a man who needs her healing presence. However, do not be so arrogant not to abuse it, remember that you like the siren she can drag into the depths from which it is difficult to emerge. All we ask of you is that you care about her, and what it is when you have your najženstveniju woman in the world. Help her to teach children what is discipline and she would inherit from her artistic gifts.

THIS MUST BE PAID AND SEXUAL AND the money, otherwise the blood to TI Drink!