For the record: Find out which zodiac sign BEST and WORST that under the sheets!

1. Libra

People born under this sign just love to pamper others, are very sexual, and are able to provide the best sex partners who in life had.

2. Aries

These are people who want to be a star and to excel in everything, including sex. They have fantastic sexual stamina and know what to do to flood the partners pleasure.

3. Taurus

Sexual stamina, imagination and unpredictability adorn the people born under this sign. Happy to listen to what a partner likes and wants and try to do it very well.

4. Sagittarius

Sex and healthy love life are very important to this sign, as well as self-esteem and self-confidence. They want to feel this way and their partner, reports the portal Your Tango.

5. Scorpio

People born under this sign read for the sexiest in the Zodiac. They understand sex very seriously, even when it playful and fun. Spontaneous were somewhat wild in bed.

6. Leo

Lions know that they come to partner the way you would expect, but the bed is one of the most tender characters. They know the importance of love between partners. They’re good in bed, and respect the wishes of lovers.

7. Aquarius

Aquarians are adventurous in bed, brave and courageous. However, they know to become a bit careless when love and sex.

8. Fish

People born under this sign tend to be somewhat insensitive to others’ wishes in bed, but do not dare to speak openly is not what they themselves want. Although known to be entertaining during sex, they can say that they are somewhat lazy lovers.

9. Capricorn

Sexual fitness is not something to boast ditches. They enjoy sex and know how to give pleasure, but often it’s half and superficially.

10. Twins

They do not care to give your partner pleasure, more important is that they themselves are met. I rarely give more than they have to. They can be very selfish, rude and even during sex.

11. Cancer

It is a very careless people when it comes to intimacy. They know well that they look attractive and have a body, but performance in bed they were a bit boring.

12. Virgo

Sometimes it seems that the concept of sex and Virgo are two different worlds. They know they think and fantasize about sex, but bad when they need something concrete to take.