Fourth astrological polje- emotions, unconscious, assimilation, desires, passions, fears ….

Astrological field: Fourth (Imum Coeli – IC)

Element and Meaning: Water – the emotions, the unconscious, assimilation, desires, passions, fears

Quality and importance: Angle – a direct manifestation of the energy of the planet

The modern meaning of the fields: unconsciously, real estate, in the women’s cart-father in a man’s chart-mother, the ancestors

The traditional meaning of fields: home, genetics, father, education, land, breast, milk, honey

Esoteric meaning of fields: family karma

Numerological meaning of fields: the female principle, stability, determination is based, hard work, immobility, so far, planning, organization, the need for balance

Natural Sign: Cancer

Planeta ruler: the Sun

Planet rejoices in this field: /