Friends and family, career and money-Capricorn general characteristics (ASTRO)

Friends and family

Combining a powerful intellect and humor, often black, Capricorn will be an incredible companion. For friends choose honest and loyal person, and istomišljenike.Za Capricorn there are no limits when it comes to friends and porodica.Veoma respects tradition, loves the holidays and happy gathering friends and family. There are not many friends, but they are honest and consistent. Outbursts of emotion are not common in Capricorn, feelings would rather express some kind of action.

Career and money

Ambition is the main thing for this character, “use” key phrase. Capricorn has a remarkable talent for finding the right “tools” for both work and for coming to him. Start at the bottom of the scale of business will no onespokojiti Capricorn, you will only be prompted to maximize working to make progress as soon as possible. Honesty, perseverance and dedication to make it an excellent manager. Both in themselves and in people from the surrounding highest price loyalty and willingness to work hard. Most of it appropriate jobs in management, finance, education and real estate.

Resourceful Capricorn very well managed not only their time but also money. However, sometimes you can see how spending hard-earned money on fun stuff, but rationality goes hand in hand with this sign, so he most likely practical spending money.