From his horoscope sign depends on what kind of women LOVE

Taurus is very important that his players be good in bed, and below find out what other men expect from women.


It is important that he does not have to make excessive compromises. So, he needs a woman that can adapt to him and where he will always be in the first place. On confirmation of their manhood in the fact that it is always the most beautiful, the handsomest, smartest, and that is the first in everything. I prefer to choose a girl with little experience, who had a small number of emotional partners. He needs a woman who shall at all times have sufficient understanding of his temperament in spite of that he will be able to be the “head of household”. Rams prefer thinner girls, redheads or blondes with blue or green eyes.


It is of great importance to his chosen ones be good in bed, but also in the kitchen. It is possible that the kitchen is in fact, however, crucial sentence. He needs a woman in addition to having peace, among which one can enjoy and relax. They do not like girls who talk too much or raise tension over every little thing. He will choose a hedonistic soul like themselves, with which they will be able to enjoy good wine and a variety of specialties. If you marry a Taurus, you will be eternally tweaking its planned and organized life. They love Ordered girls who smell good, made-up, with style and good wardrobe. If you have the extra pounds, it definitely will not bother – Bulls prefer women to be feminine and curvy.


This is a sign that primarily seeks fun woman who has a sense of humor. It is necessary that in addition to their chosen summer feel and we can say svakako- younger than his years. If you are ready for a life of adventure and a variety of changes, it is your ideal partner. Boring stories about financial obligations and it does not worry us. He needs a woman smiling, always full of optimism and naivety of children. Gemini and Aries more like girls thinner material, but do not have a certain type of girls, given that like to “pierce” and would play anything.


He’s looking for a wife that will pamper him and that he will in many cases be a “second mother”. He needs overprotective partner next to you will feel protected, but that does not diminish his sense of masculinity. If you do not agree with his mother or sister, you can forget about this relationship. The ideal woman must be on good terms with his family, which was there in the first place. He will immediately talk about children and creating a community if you truly loved. CRAB is important to be a good cook, but more important than that is to warm you as a person. Crabs prefer girls with curves and breasts are especially important to them. Often choose a partner with lighter hair color or eyes.


If you are planning to marry Lava, get ready for it to be eternal audience. He needs a woman who will always have enough attention to him and his various performances. It used to be more demanding than the child, he needs constant tweaking numerous details. However, it is very gallant and generous, and will have you on the other side to compensate. He needs heart partner that is warm and emotional, does not like the cold and frigid wife. Lions choose attractive girls, but they are not party girls with no silicones or only a few, such as the addition of artificial nails, hair and the like. It is important to attract the attention of everyone around him that he wanted to conquer you, as a trophy.


He’s looking for the perfect woman without blemish. You did not find, do not you? Just because men often remain the Device itself. If you are not zainatili to marry him, then you will have to be as close as to reach the perfection of his vision of an ideal wife. This includes of course the cooking, ironing, cleaning the house and to be always clean and tidy. It is important to have a properly cut nails, but do my hair or the makeup on. Device does not attract too intrusive partner would rather choose a sweet and charismatic, slightly shy girl smaller or certainly consistent build.


At some point you will operate it feminiziraniji of you, but could never admit it if you want to be happy. It is necessary to admire him, his style, apparel and beauty combined. His collection of perfume will certainly outshine yours, accept it right from the start. Man Libra asks nicely mannered, graceful and feminine woman with manners. It is more important to you than the style that you can cook. Do not attract the girls that look “cheap”, but those that have measure in everything. When his girls to be all in place, the more important it is that you are consistent body of material than you see on the big breasts or buttocks.


To meet the Scorpions, you need to be endlessly imaginative, ready for adventure, forgiveness, and always interested in his favorite recreation – sex. He needs a woman who will know how to satisfy all his appetites. It is very jealous and possessive, but that does not openly show, so you’ll have to learn to balance in different situations. He does not forgive. Likes to girls who are fiery, passionate and radiating a special energy. It is important your charisma and sex appeal than physical appearance.


He needs a partner that will at all times have sufficient tolerance and understanding in spite of that he will always have my freedom. Remember jealousy. Never attempt to control him or his decisions, because you he would not allow it, and so will find it easiest to get away from you. In essence, for it is the ideal partner for this, which may be next to him when he needs, but he will not mind that he lives his life the way he wants. They’re attracted to tall, long-legged girl with curly blond or fair hair.


He needs endlessly patient partner. If you plan anything “at speed” of it you can run headlong. He and the relationship difficult and slow to decide, let alone marriage. If, however faults and decides to marry you, you will have to fit into his already well-prepared plan of life. You’ll have to be sure to enjoy and to his family. It is important to support its ambitions and to have understanding for those days where his job priority. If you do not mind your man almost never shows emotion and affection, Capricorn is the ideal husband for you. They’re attracted to skinnier women, often slightly older, with darker hair color or eyes. It is easy to notice those little girls with coarse facial features, such as a large nose, and the like.


To appreciate you as a woman, he must first make you a price as their male friends. If you look only as a girl, you will soon lose it. One that will marry him in the first place be a friend, but also skillful enough to adjust to his adventurous lifestyle. He needs a woman who will not respect its ideals and to agree with his beliefs. Accept that there will always help others more than himself. He needs a wife broad view of the world, a strange, not just someone to his house and takes care of their laundry – as a male Virgo for example. Aquarius has a certain type of girl, it draw your smile and charisma.


He needs artistic soul who will understand and with which he will always be able to fantasize and share their ideas until dawn. If you are trying to land it or return it to the reality, it will not be interesting. Dislikes pessimists and cold person. He needs a woman to believe in him when no one else believes in him and will be encouraged to cultivate their artistic ambitions. He needs a complete person who will give him the stability, but also has enough freedom to leave. If in addition you have all- each time will come back. He asks the woman to be a good mother to his children, that he is very important. Men Fish like unusual girls who always have something specific in itself, with a particular style of dress and original mindset. Your soul it is more important than your body.