Full Moon in Capricorn -the focus is on the past events that have hurt us, disappoint and limit …….

Exact opposition to the Moon and the Sun known as the Full Moon. Moon stepped into Capricorn in which repress emotions and behavior control.

With this moon focus on past events that have hurt us, disappoint and restricted, so that on the one hand we have a fear that this might arise, on the other hand we are fully prepared for them in advance by asking guard. Melancholy, withdrawal and sets represent the context of the full moon. And what are the developments in the foreground?

First, whenever we have a full moon, intensified by the events represented by the Sun and the Moon, ego versus emotions, work versus family, man versus woman.

Opposition always refer to us and other people, in this connection with the full moon reconsider relations and our position in it. Month will make conjunction to Pluto which is on the surface of both good and bad, with Pluto no limits, every emotion is visible and intensified to the limits of Hades. Or transforms or undermines.

The challenge is greater, it all comes from ourselves, because the Moon is the soul and what we carry with him. So we have a challenge to what is ours does not look like someone else, because in the end, situations occur independently of our will, and emotions control yourself.

Moon in Capricorn is ruled by Saturn, which is a favorable aspect to Uranus which suddenly brings insight into the things that are happening, making us ready for what is coming. Whatever it is.

Month in contact with Pluto intensifies intuition or a desire to control others, there is jealousy, obsessive thoughts or constant focus on just one event.

Sun is also in opposition to Pluto indicating an identity crisis and changes occurring on a personal level. Another proof that the city does not have self-pity, but no arrogance and pride, especially when compared with those close to you.

Touch Uranus and Saturn provides a powerful and constructive insight into the future, the sensitivity is raised to the highest level in order to create absolute links with itself. The time and speed of notifications we have forgotten the essence of life. This essence has no definition and it depends solely from man to man. Happiness increases the sense of life, but the pain is the one who transforms.

Pluto pulls unconscious to the surface, openly clashing with what we thought we were. These days, changing their expectations, mature, and suffering, we look forward to some other things that we forget there.

The opposition of Mars and the Moon reinforces the need to compete and prove themselves, and this aspect is best channeled through sport. Anger can be caused by the slightest thing, and that we do not currently need.

Fortunately, sextile of Mercury and Venus enhances social skills, and a willingness to compromise, assertiveness and the withdrawal of the weather. The thoughts will be directed towards harmony, fun and socializing, so we will easily turn your head the other way if you have not before.