Full of life, theatrical and BORN QUEEN! The woman in this sign has the most beautiful smile and bursting with sex appeal and confidence

Generous, theatrical, attractive, bold, passionate, stubborn, persistent, kind, loyal, honest, playful, temperamental, proud, full of life, a born leader – this is a woman born under the sign of Leo. A lion will easily notice the crowd – she laughs the loudest, has the most beautiful smile and her confidence ‘jug’ on all sides.

This zodiac sign by the Sun, the center of the universe, and accordingly lioness loves to be the center of attention as she easily succeeds. Hot in nature and when it is necessary to draw their ‘claws’ and defend yourself, and when angry best to calm her down and compliments poklončići. Adventurous spirit is strong and likes to win, but thanks to his intelligence, ingenuity and creativity of her life is filled with many victories.

Sex & amp; relations

Independent and strong individuality lioness wants a partner with which it shares those characteristics. She does not need someone to take care of her but a man sigurnan enough in themselves to allow her to be with him featured in its full force. Regarding loves is always a lot of fun and dynamics – can not stand routine and constantly devises ways to change something and make dramatic.

Her sex is very important and this is the best way to show how her partner is preferred. He likes sexy lingerie and taking the lead in the bedroom. For her, sex does not have any taboos, wants to try everything, and her partner’s pleasure are equally important to her. Parts of the body ruled by the zodiac sign of the spine, back and heart which is why it is the easiest to seduce sensually caressing her back. The best love match with Gemini, Sagittarius and Libra.


Thanks to his warm personality, magical energy, enthusiasm and liveliness lioness as a magnet attracts people around you, and her friends often are its ‘fans’, people who admire her. Generous lioness your friends and likes to please his many best friend. His friends will never let you down and will always be with them, forgive them all but – issue.


The thick unruly hair like a lion’s mane, expressive facial features, large, warm eyes, sparkling view, wide forehead, upturned nose and small ears physical characteristics by which the lioness recognizable. Most is proud of his thick hair thick hair which is usually blue or red.

Higher and longer legs, long waist, elegant and very solid muscle, regal posture and performance. Always operate respectable, proud and balanced. Her appearance likes to adorn jewelry and other fashion accessories and clothing yellow and orange.


He likes to stand out in yellow and orange, but the color that will ‘catapult’ the limelight is gold, the epitome of all that lioness likes and what it represents – warmth, luxury, theatricality, specialties, admiring. Chooses clothes and accessories only the best quality and fashion conformity with her there – she likes to wear things that no one else has.

Successful ”re running’ the most dramatic and unusual fashion trends thanks to the innate self-confidence. He likes fine materials such as silk and cashmere, as well as a perfectly tailored clothes. Nothing she does not raise self-esteem better than going to the hairdresser. In her wardrobe will definitely find shoes decorated with sequins and feathers, as well as a ‘statement’ necklace with rhinestones.

style shopping

A lion looks itself in the purchase of a rare sight. She goes shopping with the company, and her friends that she was not much need to give her advice but she udeljuju compliments. The cabin will be satisfied viewed from all sides in the mirror, and praise for their selection and layout pljuštaće from all sides.