GEMINI babbling, idle DEVICE: Learn to recognize the zodiac sign as soon as you see them!

When they enter the Portor will immediately recognize them. Astro Each character has specific movements that are typical. Bulls frowning, Aries always goes first and only looking forward, here’s how to identify the other characters.


No matter what his stature, Aries performance is sure and determined. The movements of their lively, confident and proficient when discussing view interlocutor in the eye, and when they want to say something, do not hesitate to interrupt. Always pushing ahead, walk fast and marched, often head to the front.


From eloquent gaze to frown, of tiny wrinkles around her mouth to raised eyebrows – speaking person with Taurus is an example of body language. Members of this sign movement and gestures that give barely hinted their sensuality and eroticism. But when they feel they are safe ground and their movements will become more spontaneous and eloquent.


After his speech, the body belong to the most eloquently. The talkative and curious, cheerful and witty, lively and unruly, but the hands are talking like a mime. Their physical mobility is easily visible and superficial observers. Moving from foot to foot, the need to constantly roll over or hold something in their hands, merry view, saying that even in the most peaceful situations real children of their rulers, restless Mercury.


Members of this sign are unlikely to lose control of himself using body language. However, their restraint and caution that is read from the eyes may indicate an unconscious need for breaking the outer shell, which is mostly the product of uncertainty. Sensuality in Rakov is sensed by changing the tone of the speech, slightly firmer handshake, a longer view of the rampant trembling that become noticeable in their most intimate moments.


Emphasizes the ability to create the image of grandeur, uniqueness and authority. His vanity and a refined sense of beauty are read as an innate passion which is completely surrender meticulous care about every detail of his body. The beauty of a male lion, who has an almost maniacal need to be in great shape, is proportional to the suppleness and sensuality woman of the same sign.


Gestures and facial expressions are reduced to a minimum. But what little we can see, a lot of talk. No matter how the members of this sign try, sometimes still can not hide the inner nervousness due to tripping and after reading the pieces shatter practiced restraint and calm view. The more successful, emotionally stable and healthier, to their gestures and safer and calmer.


The woman Libra sends seductive, but not vulgar messages, and Libra man in his own special way to make clear that he observed every woman who passed by him. Attracting attention of the opposite sex is the key to understanding body language Scales, she wants to please, they want to establish a body to communicate and try their charms. The man is lively and open, a woman koketnija, more distant.


His body language is straightforward, yet somehow mysterious. The way he moves and gestures always pays his current state of mind, even when he wants to hide. In tense situations, his hands clasped under his armpits, lips pressed together, a glance at an unknown direction. If someone can tell me that “killing sea”, it is Scorpio.


People of this sign may be an unusually beautiful, but the appearance and behavior they can be a little animal. They have an upright posture, radiating serenity, confidence and insouciance. Many Sagittarians are protagonists of love at first sight thanks to its irresistible attraction and almost animal instinct. When someone draws, shows the need to open its proximity and touch, even in a public place.


His movement was militarily trained, or when someone looks at a little longer – when it appears someone like him change his behavior. Then the concentration of weak, but instead absorbs every word of conversation, more and more often asked to repeat his last words. Also, all the events associated with his career affect changes in posture, walking and the amount of energy that will get to work.


How do you feel, so the act – no matter who is beside them. But over the years things change. The precipitated cold-blooded man of Aquarius, which is no longer in the youngest age, the result of the former ability to express thoughts and feelings stormy and spontaneous gestures. Aquarius wife Mature exudes quiet gentleness and tolerance in contrast to the rebellion of youth.


Dynamism and openness in approaching others are related to the inability to remain static and stable even when they had the chance. Their insecurity and need a kindred spirit drives them to communicate and with completely unknown people. But the gestures they never excessive, but mostly pleasant and sympathetic. When you are in the mood, Fish live gesturing, and when not, he hates them, and to move the view.